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Greetings folks! Here be the masterlist of all my fic, organised by fandom, listed from newest to oldest. Each story will give you a link to the various places its housed so you can choose where you would like to read it. I do plan on moving all my fic onto dreamwidth in the near future  as well so the links will update.

Clicking the fic title will take you to the fic on dreamwidth its location elsewhere will be listed next to it :)
Life On Mars

'Finale' refers to the final episode of s2

After years relying on denial Gene has to face a few facts when in 2006 the past walks through the pub door.
PG15 for swearing; AU (written before the finale); No spoilers
Find it: ; livejournal

The Envelope
'The envelope landed on her desk with a thump'. A response to a challenge on livejournal.
PG; References the finale
Find it: ffnet ; livejournal

After the Rainbow
I never thought it would happen. Not to my Sammy, I never thought...
Ruth Tyler POV; PG; Spoilers for finale
Find it: livejournal

Where Troubles Melt Like Lemon Drops
Sam tells Annie what he's done.
PG; Post - finale; Sam/Annie
Find it: livejournal

In the grand scheme of things the sherbet was nothing. In the grand scheme of things Sam Tyler was a stupid, crazy fuck-up who’d tried to ruin them all only to change his mind.
Death fic; PG15; Minor references to finale; written for almostmarriedme for the [community profile] lifein1973  2007 ficathon
Find it: ffnet ; livejournal

It had been raining, that much Sam remembered at least.
PG15; Sam/Gene friendship/teeny bit slashy; written for [personal profile] teyla  for the [community profile] lifein1973  2008 ficathon
Find it: ffnet ; livejournal
Stargate Atlantis

At The Crossroads
Atlantis has been recalled to Earth and Teyla must decide where her future lies.
Teyla centric, AUish end of series 5, angst
Find it: livejournal

The Hamster Supremacy
The one where they’re turned into the Pegasus Galaxy equivalent of hamsters and travel back in time. All in a days work really.
Sequel/Companion story to 'The Laundry Ultimatum'; PG13 - mild swearing; humour; written for the 2010 sga_genficathon 
Find it: livejournal

The Laundry Ultimatum
A week in the life of the bravest man to ever walk the halls of Atlantis...the Laundry guy.
PG 13 - Mild but reasonably frequent swearing; humour; other character; written for the 2009 sga_genficathon
Find it: livejournal

Five Letters
Five letters written by the people who don't really matter in the Atlantis Expedition.
Death of OC; PG15 - swearing; written for [community profile] sga_flashfic  's 'Five Things' challenge
Find it: ffnet; livejournal

Dreams of the Quietly Insane
‘Dreaming permits each and every one of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives.’  William Dement, In Newsweek, 1959.
PG; humour/angst; written for [community profile] sga_flashfic  's 'must be dreaming' challenge
Find it: ffnet; livejournal; wraithbait

Mission Report
Team Sheppard vs Demonic Appliances Given Artificial Intelligence By An Idiot. It's just one of those days you don't really want to record in a mission report.
PG; Humour; written for 2008 sga_genficathon; vague references to The Brave Little Toaster.
Find it: ffnet; livejournal ; wraithbait

Bedtime Stories
Jeannie stared at the calendar on the kitchen wall, her finger gently tapping the marked date. Five years. Had it really been that long?
PG; Spoilers for everything up to The Kindred II; Follow on to 'Not Dead Yet' but not necessary to have read that first; written for [community profile] sga_flashfic  's 'family' challenge.
Find it: ffnet ; livejournal ; wraithbait

Not Dead Yet
It's been almost a year, John thinks, as he watches over the others at night. Almost a year since his team tried to dial Atlantis and failed. One hell of an anniversary to have. 
Major Character Death (But its all taken place prior to the story); PG13; spoliers up to and including The Kindred II; written for sga_flashfic 's 'Not Dead Yet' challenge.
Find it: ffnet ; livejournal ; wraithbait

His breathing seemed to echo round the small space. A harsh, ragged intake and release. With each breath becoming less certain he should even bother to take another.
Major character death ; Angst/dark; PG; written for sga_flashfic 's 'ways to die' challenge.
Find it: ffnet ; livejournalwraithbait

Sticks and Stones
"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will scar me forever"
PG; angst; Pre Atlantis - young/teenager Rodney
Find it: ffnet ; livejournal ; wraithbait

Upon invading Earth a poor Wraith Drone discovers that the human race just won't take invasion lying down.
PG15 - Swearing; Humour
Find it: ffnet ; livejournal ; wraithbait

The Salvation of Sinners
'When I was a little girl my mother told me ancient prophecies fortelling the coming of avenging angels sent by the Gods'
Written for 'First Sentence Challenge' on ffnet; PG13; angst; OC POV
Find it: ffnet ; wraithbait

The Letter
The letter sat heavily in his hand, stains marring the crumpled paper. John felt almost guilty as he stared at it, prying into someone else's message, someone else's thoughts.
Death of OC; PG13; Angst
Find it: ffnet ; wraithbait

Wraithal Issues
"I am not kinky for Wraith!" Rodney spluttered.
PG13; Humour
Find it: ffnet ; wraithbait

Soap Suds
One of the messages Elizabeth sent to the SGC is given to Mrs Markham regarding the death of her son.
PG13; Angst; OC; written regarding canon death of character.
Find it: ffnet ; wraithbait

Star Trek: Enterprise

Hoshi can't sleep and, after a walk, finds herself in sickbay
PG; Phlox/Hoshi friendship; set following 'Doctors Orders'; written for Roadstergal for the Enterprise Ficathon 2008.
Find it: ffnet ; livejournal

Mary Reed has learnt to read between the lines, to see through what is said to what is meant - in the Reed family this is a useful quality.
PG; Reed family; little bit angsty
Find it: ffnet ; livejournal

A Little Under Ten Minutes
It's a sunny day in May, 4:30pm, and everything seems fine. Except it's really not.
PG; Mary Reed and Young Malcolm
Find it: ffnet

Outweighed By Hope
After finding out his parents have died, Malcolm returns home.
PG13; death of two minor characters; swearing; angst; Malcolm and Madeline Reed.
Find it: ffnet ; livejournal

Red Panels
Malcolm's perspective on being in sickbay following an explosion.
PG; Sequel to Grey Panels
Find it: livejournal

Grey Panels
Sometimes he can't help but wonder if there was anything he could have done.
PG; Travis centric; angst; February's Sickbay Month entry on ffnet
Find it: ffnet ; livejournal

Memories of a Swimming Pool
His first memory was of being in the water, splashing around with his father with Maddie floating nearby in one of those inflatable baby seats for swimming pools, securely held by his mother
PG; written for the Drown Malcolm Month
Find it: ffnet

The Little Britain Trilogy:
PG13; angst; deaths of characters; 'Little Britain' touches on themes of euthanasia
                1) Little Britain
                     Malcolm awakes after an acciddent and finds its harder than it looks remembering where he  space spa              belongs
                     Find it: ffnet
                2) The Last Room
                     Lies and truth make the world go round
Find it: ffnet
                3) The Marked
                     We fight for them. We learn for them. We exist for them. We do this for the people.
                     Find it: ffnet

Holding My Last Breath
"And that's why I'm fighting," said Trip softly. "You won't last five minutes. You can barely breathe as it is."
PG13; angst; Originally a songfic - lj version contains lyrics, ffnet version is lyric free; Tucker/Reed undertones
Find it: ffnet ; livejournal

The Truth
I imagined many times, that the people who'd created the fraternisation regulations had never had to go years in space with people so close to you that sometimes you could even feel their breath on your skin.

PG13; angst; POV Unnamed OC
Find it: ffnet

Sleep Walker
At night a lone figure walks the halls.

PG; angst; Trip and Malcolm
Find it: ffnet

Night Before Christmas
Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, nothing was stirring except Malcolm Reed...

Cute Christmas fluff; Stuart Reed and Young Malcolm
Find it: ffnet ; livejournal

Both would speak and neither would listen, now they speak and only one can listen.

PG; death of minor character; angst; Stuart and Malcolm Reed
Find it: ffnet

Look At Me
'Look at me', I beg silently, 'look at me, have me, love me, want me! Please, please just look. Not at him, don't go to him'

PG13; Tucker/Sato, Reed/Sato; angst; romance
Find it: ffnet

Cold Cheese
Its the biggest Cheese crisis since The Great Cheese Heist, but can the crew of the Enterprise save themselves from a fate worst than death? Going...Cold Cheese!

PG13; sequel to The Great Cheese Heist; pure silly humour
Find it: ffnet

Wonderful Lies
No one ever tells you when you're small that the friend you make today might be the close friend that dies tomorrow.

PG; angst; "offscreen" death of a character
Find it: ffnet

A Sister's Message
Lizzie Tucker has one thing to say to her brother

PG13; angst; set during series 3; canon character death
Find it: ffnet

Just Another Patient
He's just another patient, but she can't tear herself away from him...

PG; angst; death of a character (from old age)
Find it: ffnet

Deceivingly Scrawny
He prided himself on being able to pick the ones that wouldn't make the cut...

PG; POV unnamed OC
Find it: ffnet

Free Falling
Freefalling through the air, Malcolm Reed found he had only a few seconds to contemplate the fact that the end of his life was rushing to meet him in a horrifically watery style way

PG13; humour/adventure; Trip and Malcolm
Find it: ffnet

Mary Reed looks at photographs and reminisces, set soon after Archer contacts them about Malcolm's birthday.

PG; angst; Reed family
Find it: ffnet

The value of a digital alarm clock is discovered by a crewman

OC, Lieutenant Hess; short
Find it: ffnet

I'm going to die, aren't I? One thinks he's being realistic, the other thinks he's being pessimistic, both are too stubborn to accept it.

PG13; angst; Trip and Malcolm friendship
Find it: ffnet

A night time contemplation of time and the Temporal Cold War

PG; Tucker/Reed slash; angst; less than 300 words
Find it: ffnet

They'll wait with him, together, they'll wait for the end.

PG13; Multiple Character Deaths; angst/friendship
Find it: ffnet

Croonin' Along to the Warp Core
Archer closed his eyes. This couldn't be happening. He hadn't had enough coffee this morning yet to enable him to cope with his Away Team suddenly deciding on a career in Broadway

PG13; Massive multiple songfic of epic and silly proportions; humour; Reed/Sato (minor)
Find it: ffnet

Screams in the Night
Old memories, old fears, and it all hinges on conquering that fear, but can it be conquered?

PG15; Angst; Reed centric
Find it: ffnet

Fields of Innocence
Jonathan Archer finds he has many things to reflect over following the completion of the Xindi mission

PG; angst; Songfic
Find it: ffnet

Malcolm thinks he knows the answers, but its not the answer they want

PG13; angst; non-explicit references to torture
Find it: ffnet

The Great Cheese Heist
A story in which no one can function without cheese and everyone gets at least a mention! A slice of randomness, not to be taken seriously

PG13; Humour
Find it: ffnet

Alpha and Omega
Archer tells of the beginning and the end. It's a funny thing, language

PG13; multiple character deaths; angst/tragedy
Find it: ffnet

He wonders if he'll ever notice him, he wonders if he'll remember

PG13; angst; Unrequited Tucker/Reed; Tucker/T'Pol; Songfic
Find it: ffnet

The Moon and the Son
Stuart was lost to the sun, the son was lost to the moon, that didn't mean Stuart had to accept it.

Double drabble; Stuart Reed
Find it: ffnet

Smile, The Universe Hates You
There's only so much sunshine you can take from one person when you need to sleep
PG13; humour; Sequel to The Armoury Officer's Fear of the Pollen Count
Find it: ffnet

Connection Failure
Trip suffers a connection failure...and Malcolm pays the price

PG; angst; death of a character
Find it: ffnet

It's harder than it looks, this parenthood gig...especially when you're on your own.

PG13; angst; futurefic; Reed/Sato; death of a character
Find it: ffnet

The Armour Officer's Fear of the Pollen Count
Malcolms allergies turn out to be a blessing in disguise...for all of 5 minutes.

PG; humour
Find it: ffnet

The Bugger Files
Bad language, revenge, its the private personal log of Malcolm Reed

PG15; swearing; incomplete; humour
Find it: ffnet

The Sun's In My Eyes
There are times when you just know, that today you aren't going home

PG; angst; death of a character; Reed/Sato (mild)
Find it: ffnet

The Laundry Room
At Malcolm's funeral his daughter compares in to that of a laundry room and speaks of the lie her father presented

PG13; angst; POV OC; sequel to What Went Wrong
Find it: ffnet

Little Cotton Socks
Bless their little cotton socks! Malcolm and Trip find the world has gotten a whole lot bigger! But is their a more sinister plot behind their...regression?
PG; character regression/return to childhood
Find it: ffnet

The Christmas Truce
Its the only time of the year he ever feels homesick and to be honest he's homesick for an illusion, or at least that what he thinks.

Family/angst; Reed family
Find it: ffnet

The Senior Officers
Short, from the point of view of someone who realises that 'atishoo, atishoo, we all fall down'

PG; angst; POV Unnamed OC
Find it: ffnet

One Lucid Moment
For it was that one lucid moment that broke her heart.

PG; angst; futurefic; Reed/Sato; talks about Alzheimer's Disease
Find it: ffnet

Smiling Through The Rain
Its amazing what you think of when everything is fading

PG; angst; death of a character
Find it: ffnet

What Went Wrong
A man reflects on parts he played in life, wondering all the time what went wrong?

PG; angst; Reed/Sato (hints of); Reed/OFC
Find it: ffnet

Archer muses on things.
PG; songfic; set sometime during series 3
Find it: ffnet

Dear Mummy
Malcolm's son writes a letter to his mummy after being told she's gone away.

Angst; "offscreen" death of a character; Reed/Sato
Find it: ffnet

Daddy's Little Girl
When his ship explodes killing the entire crew Malcolm Reed's 15 year old daughter Adrienne is thrown back 17 years into the past.

Reed/Sato; timetravel!; OCs various
Find it: ffnet

Malcolm's Last Stand
Aliens spike Malcolms drink and basically he loses all his marbles.

PG13; some swearing; an early attempt at humour
Find it: ffnet

I Didn't Realise
Sometimes we only see what we want to see and sometimes you just want to make sure they're safe before leaving.

PG; angst; character death
Find it: ffnet

Night Time Natter
Four crewwomen discuss the male senior staff of the Enterprise

PG; OCs; humour
Find it: ffnet

Falling Down
Sometimes you have to fall down to realise why you have to get up again

PG; angst; Trip Tucker
Find it: ffnet

Things I'll Never Say
He tries to tell her but the words don't seem to be coming out

Reed/Sato; songfic; romance
Find it: ffnet

A Simple Cold
A story which proves that even with all the new technology there's still no cure for a simple little cold. A simple cold can make a real big mess!

PG; Malcolm centric
Find it: ffnet

And Then He Was Gone
The death of a crewmember hit everybody hard but it hit him the hardest and all Hoshi could do was feel relieved that it wasn't him.
PG; Angst; death of a character
Find it: ffnet

Got to Break Through
Malcolm escapes his home
PG13; references to child abuse; songfic
Find it: ffnet

Sometimes I Stare
A false smile, a shield to hide behind. One of the crew realises something about their smiles and the others tell whats behind them.

PG13; mild swearing; angst
Find it: ffnet

Soldier Past, Soldier Present
He shouldn't have put his hands where they didn't belong, 'cause now both he and Trip are in a whole lotta trouble!

PG13; Malcolm and Trip friendship
Find it: ffnet

Hoshi thoughts as she watches the coffin being jettisoned into space, when words and feelings fail her.

PG; angst; death of a character
Find it: ffnet

As I Watch My Hero Fall
Hoshi thinks about her hero and what made him how he is

PG; Angst; Reed/Sato (mild)
Find it: ffnet

Remembering Me
After an accident-Malcolm loses his memory-but hes seen a murder and now the murderer wants him dead

Find it: ffnet

Coauthored with The Libran Iniquity (aka tli )


Captain Becker's Deadliest Catch
In which Becker is beseiged by people wearing medical scrubs, even though he really, honestly, definitely and absolutely is fine.
PG 13; episode tag for 4.05; Warning: references to domestic violence; mild swearing
Find it: livejournal

Captain Becker's Guide to Jedi Mind Tricks (and other useful skills)
In which Becker takes his shirt off, Connor wants a ninja and there is flagrant misuse of the Force.
PG13, humour, mild swearing
Find it: livejournal

Stargate Atlantis

No Bravery
Rodney stumbled during the Genii's brief occupation of Atlantis. Now that they're gone, he's starting to tumble...

PG13; AU from The Storm/The Eye; angst
Find it: ffnet ; wraithbait

The Good, The Dumped, And The Naked
Cadman! I... what do you mean, what am I doing... in the buff and in Carson's room... what are YOU doing here?

PG13; humour; Carson/Rodney; Carson/Cadman
Find it: ffnet ; wraithbait

When I sleep I dream of screaming

PG; angst
Find it: ffnet ; wraithbait

People Skills
John stared at the two scientists in front of him. Two McKays, one nice and one normal.

PG; Humour; inuendo; Carson/Rodney (mild); John/Elizabeth (mild)
Find it: ffnet ; wraithbait

Star Trek Enterprise

Truth, Honour and a Cup of Tea
In which Malcolm gets sick, Phlox becomes an honorary Englishman, and questionable materials become adhesive.
PG13; humour
Find it: ffnet

Die A Little Harder
In which Trip bleeds all over the place, Malcolm channels Bruce Willis, there's a rescue party...somewhere, and it all turns out okay in the end.
PG13; humour
Find it: ffnet

The One With The Flirtation Agenda
In which Archer's virtue may or may not be at stake, Trip may or may not keep it in his pants, and Malcolm just can't keep it in.
PG13; unrequited OMC alien/Archer
Find it: ffnet

Some Assembly Required
Trip is sent a new gadget from a Starfleet colleague back on Earth. Oh, if only things were that simple...

PG; innuendo by the bucket load; humour; Trip and Malcolm friendship
Find it: ffnet

Written Off
News of Lieutenant Malcolm Reed's tragic death hits everyone hard... naturally Malcolm's rather annoyed to find he's the last one to know.

PG; Humour/angst
Find it: ffnet


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