Jan. 7th, 2007 05:44 pm
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I could throw my computer out the window cry. After spending an hour lovingly writing a first person account of the Night Before Christmas my computer suddenly throws up this message "RUNTIME ERROR! ABORTING PROGRAMME!"

And yes, like an idiot I hadn't saved it. I'd jsut finished it and literally had the cursor on the save button when it threw up that message. *weeps* I don't have the heart to start the story over now, it's too depressing. Goddamned word *curses* I will re-do the story but it feels like I've just wasted my time *scowls*

I may continue writing chapter six of the marked or I may just mope around and bum around on MSN for a wee while. *sighs*
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Thought it was about time for another entry into the old journal.

Well, I haven't progressed with schoolwork, I haven't been able to stay near a computer long enough to even think about writing the next chapter for the Marked, which is shameful really. I'm also cursing the time I've spent not doing anything (although not doing anything consisted purely of the two days it took me to read Eragon and it's sequel Eldest - which are pretty nifty books really)

So in order to make it look like I've done something, here is a one shot atlantis fic that has only previously ever been put up on my website because its not great but I still like it in all its total stupidity/weirdness...

Wipeout )
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Here I am on my last day of school this term, safe in the knowledge that I have one lesson and I'm here all day for what reason now?? Ah yes, the slim chance I might be used in the school assembly - and if I am it means that I have to sit through the same assembly at least twice today *sighs* And in terms of christmas spirit the common room needs a good clean before we can all go home.

Mind you, it does give me the chance to get started on chapter six of The Marked, I reckon chapter five just needs a bit of tweaking before I post it - namely the proof reading bit and changes of minor details.

But, for all those feeling in the needs of something cute and Christmassy I posted a new one shot Christmas fic at stupid o'clock last night lol (Click the cut below for story :D)


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