Jan. 7th, 2007 05:44 pm
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I could throw my computer out the window cry. After spending an hour lovingly writing a first person account of the Night Before Christmas my computer suddenly throws up this message "RUNTIME ERROR! ABORTING PROGRAMME!"

And yes, like an idiot I hadn't saved it. I'd jsut finished it and literally had the cursor on the save button when it threw up that message. *weeps* I don't have the heart to start the story over now, it's too depressing. Goddamned word *curses* I will re-do the story but it feels like I've just wasted my time *scowls*

I may continue writing chapter six of the marked or I may just mope around and bum around on MSN for a wee while. *sighs*
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Here I am on my last day of school this term, safe in the knowledge that I have one lesson and I'm here all day for what reason now?? Ah yes, the slim chance I might be used in the school assembly - and if I am it means that I have to sit through the same assembly at least twice today *sighs* And in terms of christmas spirit the common room needs a good clean before we can all go home.

Mind you, it does give me the chance to get started on chapter six of The Marked, I reckon chapter five just needs a bit of tweaking before I post it - namely the proof reading bit and changes of minor details.

But, for all those feeling in the needs of something cute and Christmassy I posted a new one shot Christmas fic at stupid o'clock last night lol (Click the cut below for story :D)

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Compile a list of 10 things you love that begin with that letter and post said list in your journal

[profile] t_eyla gave me an R *grins* I can think of at least one thing...

P.S As a little aside at this point, doesn't the bouncy cat in the mood bit below look so very very wrong?? *giggles*
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At this moment in time I probably should be working...

But quite frankly posting here is far more fun than doing english coursework - I mean it's not like I need to do it to get a good grade to go to uni with... oh wait! I do!

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